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  1. A participant must register for each Participare client or is there only one profile?

  2. A participant must register for each PB process?

  3. API Documentation and examples

  4. Are proposals visible as soon as submitted?

  5. Can a participant vote more than once?

  6. Can an online participant be part of offline events and vice-versa?

  7. Can I change the payment information?

  8. Can I choose what languages are available for my participants?

  9. Can I customize my PB process phases?

  10. Can I customize Participare graylist algorithm?

  11. Can I customize Participare user validation algorithm?

  12. Can I export my data?

  13. Can I lock out participants?

  14. Can I manage offline and online participants?

  15. Can I send messages to registered participants?

  16. Can participants submit proposals offline and online?

  17. Can participants vote more than once in the same process?

  18. Can participants vote more than once in the same proposal?

  19. Do I have to manually define all the inappropriate terms?

  20. Do i need a server to host the solution?

  21. Do I need a VAT number?

  22. Does Participare controls participation based on phase dates?

  23. How can I audit the process?

  24. How can I import offline votes?

  25. How customizable is registration?

  26. How do I change my Participare password?

  27. How do I change my Participare profile?

  28. How do I make sure a participant does not have several registrations?

  29. How many Developer API Keys can I have?

  30. How many PB processes can I have at the same time?

  31. How many proposals can a participant submit?

  32. How scalable is Participare?

  33. I need help setting up my Participatory Budgeting project. Who can help me?

  34. Is there a partner/affiliate program?

  35. Is there any recommended literature?

  36. Must a participant be registered in order to submit a proposal?

  37. Must a user register online previously to participate in offline meetings?

  38. My participatory process is not about a budget. Can I use Participare?

  39. Pricing only mentions yearly billing, can I have monthly?

  40. What API are available?

  41. What are blacklists, whitelists and graylists?

  42. What are proposals categories?

  43. What are standard phases for a participatory budgeting process?

  44. What are suspicious participants?

  45. What are the main differences between Participare and the solution currently deployed?

  46. What are versions in a participant?

  47. What can I change in my Participare website?

  48. What happens if a participant tries to vote more than once?

  49. What is a Participatory Budgeting?

  50. What is the difference between locked and rejected participant?

  51. What is the pricing?

  52. What is the relation between regions and roles?

  53. What kind of meetings may I have?

  54. What KPI (Key Performance Indicators) can I get from Participare?

  55. What languages are supported or going to be?

  56. What payment methods are supported?

  57. What voting and participation options does my budget have?

  58. When is Participare going be available?

  59. Where can I find examples of Participatory Budgeting processes?

  60. Where can I learn more about Participatory Budgeting?

  61. Why should I configure my offline meetings?

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